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Here are some interesting articles about the history and people of Melling and the surrounding areas.
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Clementine Louise Rumpff ‘THE GERMAN LADY

 Every graveyard has a story to tell, and Melling Churchyard is no exception


St Wilfrid's Church Memorials

Step inside St Wilfrid’s church, and you will find a treasure-house of memorials to notable inhabitants of the parish.

Anne Fenwick.jpg

Ann Fenwick

Daughter of a Lancaster attorney, Thomas Benison

Swallows Nest.jpg

Three Women at Swallow's Nest, Melling

During the summer of 1917, three women, all related to the Barker family of Todmorden were staying at, or visiting, Swallow’s Nest, Melling

LVG early 1960's.jpg

Lune View Garage

1960s photos and the Storm of 1990


Sir Henry Clayton Darlington

Owner and occupier of Melling Hall 1928-1946

Tithe Map.jpg

Melling Wet and Melling Dry

The Horse and Groom and The Shakespeare Head

Unknown 3.jpeg

St Wilfrid's Primary School

Old School Photos

Minute Book 1894-1957.JPG

The Way We Were

True stories from the Minutes of Melling-with-Wrayton Parish Meetings 1894 - 1944

Melling Church Cover.jpg

Melling Church

A History and Guide

by Martin Gibson

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