Dog fouling

There were two complaints from residents of dog fouling in Melling, and a councillor from Wrayton added that this was also a problem there. A separate article on this subject appears elsewhere in this issue of the Chronicle.

Open spaces in the parish

Two residents referred to issues around open spaces in the parish. One requested more information on possible initiatives to promote wildlife, and another called attention to the state of a patch of land near the SW corner of Melling Green. Open spaces in the parish, and particularly Melling Green, will be a major item on the agenda of the next parish council meeting. Residents are invited to bring their ideas and suggestions to the Open Forum which precedes the parish council meeting at 7.00pm on Thursday 12 December.

Grassed bank along the A683, south west of Melling Green

This area, which is a prominent feature at the entry to Melling, is not part of Melling Green, but the parish council manages it. There is a problem of water seeping onto the footway, and the parish council has asked Highways to investigate whether there is any blockage in their system. Failing that, the parish council will renew the drain under the grass, and create alongside the footway a level semi-hard area through which grass will grow. In April, the upper strip along the hedge will be sown with wildflower seeds (similar to those near the surgery in Hornby). Yellow rattle cannot be used on this area, because of its proximity to fields with livestock. Residents are alerted that the area will look very different throughout this winter; this is a necessary feature of ‘converting’ any previously grassed area.

In relation to the Dementia Group we were shown an example of the Alzheimer’s Society leaflet called ‘This is me’. This is a support tool to enable person-centred care and is a simple leaflet for anyone receiving professional care that is living with dementia or experiencing delirium or other communication difficulties.

Bentham and Ingleton practice has been chosen to take part in a national project on ‘Continuity of Care’. At present data gathering is continuing with both questionnaires and local focus groups.

David Nott - Parish Council Chairman

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