Parish Council Report September 2019

Management of the grass bank on the A683

The parish council has agreed to sow wildflower seeds (including yellow rattle) on this bank, which is a prominent site when coming into Melling from Hornby. It is intended to do the work in September/October.

The pump at the foot of Melling Green

The parish council intends to clean up the pump, and to give it more prominence. We would welcome suggestions for how this might be done.

Footpath maps

The parish council is making two new laminated copies of the parish footpath map for display on its two notice boards in Melling and Wrayton. The board in Melling (with the faded old map) is rotted and possibly unsafe; we intend to remove it.

The A4 footpath leaflet has been redesigned and the map redrawn. Copies will be distributed to all households in the coming months.

Speed Indication Device (SpID)

These devices have been much improved in recent years, and prices have fallen considerably. The parish council is investigating the cost of a solar panel SpID, to replace the present battery-powered device which, when used on the A683, needs recharging after two days, and requires two persons to remove and/or re-fit it.

The Melling Chronicle and the new parish website

The parish council has resolved that the Melling Chronicle should continue to be distributed to all households in Melling, Wrayton, Wennington, Tunstall (10 copies), St Wilfrid’s School (18 copies) and Hornby Institute (10 copies).

The parish council sees the Melling Chronicle and the parish website as jointly contributing to communication, and to fostering a sense of community, within the parish.

For this to happen, we need residents to provide news, announcements, photos, anecdotes, suggestions for improving our parish, which can then appear in the Chronicle or on the website, or both, as appropriate.

David Nott, Chair of the Parish Council

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