NEWS FROM ST WILFRID’S: Rolling Stones and Flower Power

As a child of the ‘60s this headline has a certain resonance, however this is not to announce a new headline concert in Church. It is actually a vote of thanks to those who turned out to help tidy the churchyard this year and those who attended the Harvest Festival on the 15th. Clearly those who turned out to help were our Rolling Stones since they gathered no moss but did edge the paths, strim the gravestones, cut back the scrub etc. At the same time others were decorating the church beautifully in anticipation the Harvest Festival.

Again, I’d like to take this opportunity to express my thanks also to those who regularly clean the church and mow the churchyard throughout the year as well.

Around 50 people attended Harvest Festival, where the pupils from the school gave their thanks and donations for nature’s gifts. The Vicar gave thanks for Chips, Crisps and Cake and with the help of (strangely willing) volunteers, got them to pour water over each other, whilst reassuring everyone concerned “don’t worry, the Warden has a mop”. His point was, I think, that as life gets more complex for us, we tend to lose focus on the basics and take the harvest for granted. Fair point.

In Church, our attention moving from the 20 odd weeks of Ordinary Time to Advent and Christmas. There will be a full range of services across the Christmas period including the Village Carol Service which will again strongly feature the children from the school.

More details and the full list of services in the next issue.

We are also looking forward to the Gift and Craft fair which is being held on the evening of November 22nd this year. Please can I appeal for raffle prizes and ask if anyone in the village would be prepared to sell some raffle tickets for us?

In the mean time I hope that the fine weather continues and you can enjoy, as Keats put it, this season of mellow mists and fruitfulness.

Thanks JAC (Church Warden)

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