Multiple Coloured Hearts in our Village

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Have you noticed the blue hearts as you walk through Melling this summer? Sometimes they are hard to spot, hidden in the full and flowing edges, patches and verges, with grass seed heads flowering and buzzing insect life. If you have noticed, have you paused to peer at the grass and flowers, spotted the orchids and perhaps caught a glimpse of a butterfly or large bumblebee? While this is fun and interesting, there is an important reason and growing campaign supporting the blue heart and what it signifies.

We are increasingly aware of the struggle our local (and national) wildlife is facing. The figures are shocking, from lapwings to house sparrows, and hedgehogs to now, not so common, dung beetles, our wildlife has been gradually disappearing and along with them, our hearts are breaking, and our souls are shrinking.

For me, sometimes the problem appears so large that I think we are doomed to live without the song of the curlew in the evening, or the - sometimes -annoying, midge bite as we stroll along Melling Moor. It is ironic that the silent spring we were warned about in the 1960s is coming back to bite us in the 2020s. However, we’re not doomed, we can do something….if we open our blue hearts.

The Blue Campaign may be small, but it is growing as we realise we can support, promote and give space and homes to all our local residents. We are frequently told we are a nation of garden lovers, and the Wildlife Trust estimates that between us we have over 10 million acres of back gardens with shrubs, bulbs and roses, not to mention veg patches, grass and ponds. The Blue Campaign is asking us to think about our wildlife when we are in the garden, become a food producer for the insects, bees, hedgehogs and birds. Put aside a small space, become a little rough around the edges, grow a patch of nettles, learn about flowering grasses, and watch our wildlife return.

The Blue Campaigns website has a range of simple ideas to help us help our wildlife. Have a look and why not try going wild, then and together Melling villagers can wear our Blue Hearts with pride!

Kathryn James

Blue Campaign -

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