Dog fouling in Melling and Wrayton

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

The parish council has received reports of dog fouling in St Wilfrid’s churchyard, on Melling Green, and also in Wrayton.

The parish council is firmly of the opinion that the churchyard is not a place to walk your dog(s).

We would also recommend that dogs be kept on a lead when walking along a road, and also on footpaths across fields, so as not to disturb wildlife (e.g. ground-nesting birds), cows and sheep.

When out with your dog you should always be prepared to clean up after it.

We would ask dog owners to take a bag with them, and if it is used, not to leave it ‘on site’, but to dispose of it in their domestic general refuse, as recommended by the City Council. There is a red bin for dog waste at the west end of Melling Moor: please use this when necessary.

What is the legal position?

According to the City Council’s dog warden service website:

‘Under the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act, it is an offence not to clean up after a dog has defecated on public land. A person may be issued with an £80 fixed penalty fine, if they do not clean up, or alternatively may be prosecuted through the magistrates court, where the maximum fine is £1000.’

What can residents do if they are aware of a case of dog fouling?

‘The dog wardens can only take action against offenders if they know who they are.  We need your help. If you are aware of offenders causing a particular problem in your neighbourhood you can contact the dog warden service, who will investigate and take appropriate action.’

You can also report dog fouling online using the following link:

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